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Hey guys

I need some help is choosing an HT amp for my media room.

Speakers (all inwall, in ceiling) - Speakercraft LCR (7.2) - Purchased AIM Cinema one for L and R, then AIM LCR One for center, RS+LS will be a set of AIM Wide Ones, and the RR+RL will be a set of AIM Wide Ones as well.

Choices are for the amp (both are used, similar cost):

Emotiva UPA - 7 (class A/B) - 125 x 7 channels @ 8ohm


Rotel RMB - 1066 (class D) - 100 x 6 channels @ 8 ohm

Now, I have not heard either amp, but the reviews are pretty good on both.

AVR will be the Onkyo 707

Media room is 30 ft long by 14 ft wide, by 8.6ft high

there is a 12 x 12 nook at the 14ft mark

which one to choose??

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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