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After talking to the guy doing my structured wiring (who wants to charge me $700 to pre-wire my speakers), I have decided to go ahead and do it myself. However, before plunging in I want to ask you guys some questions. Approximate finished seating plan attached.

1. Based on my plan should I use 16-2 or 16-4? All speakers will be run to the media box underneath the stairs that is accessible from both the closet and the theater.

2.I am planning on using just in wall speaker wire from Home depot. Should I use something else or is speaker wire speaker wire?

3. Based on the approximated marked up copy of my floor plan and seating do any of you have speaker placement ideas for ceiling and wall speakers? I am planning on 7.1 initially but would be interested in any ideas you have about future expansion I should leave wires in the wall for future upgrades down the road.

4. Would you use pre-drywall brackets? Are they worth the expense? I am thinking yes.

5. Is there any magic speaker height or distance apart for the front and center speakers? I am planning on doing an AT screen and would like to keep all the front speakers hidden. I am planning on a 135" diagonal screen but may drop that to 120. Does anyone see any issue with having all the speakers behind the screen in that close proximity?

6.The big question I have is in regards to the in wall subwoofer. How do you wire that in? I get how the speaker wires work, but not exactly sure on how the pre-wire works for subwoofer.

Approximate floor plan attached.


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1. I would suggest a rack mounted subwoofer and therefore traditional speaker wire to the subwoofer (no outlets needed).

2. I would definitely consider how you would conceal subwoofers as they generally look terrible otherwise.

3. I would definitely do three subwoofers, one in each of the front corners approximately and one in the middle of a side wall.

4. Speaker wire from monoprice, 14 guage 2 conductor would likely be sufficient for your needs. I am assuming you are using two conductor speakers.

5. The Optoma UHD65 is an amazing value for a projector and strongly recommended if your lens angles are sufficient.

6. Speaker location: I would most DEFINITELY do an Atmos layout and I would suggest an 11 speaker layout directly off their website of the receiver manufacturer you are interested in. You won't regret the sound quality of a system of this type.

Not sure what your budget is, but wiring for Atmos now is the way to go. In fact, its reasonable to wire for a LOT of atmos speakers now since wire is so cheap.
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