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Projector: DILA G11U/Phelps cal/relamped at 500 watts

Hushbox: Whisperflow

Anamorphic lens: ISCO II

DVD Player: HTPC/GF4 440 MX/PowerDVD XP/RF Gyromouse

HDTV Rcvr: RCA DTC 100

Antenna: Blake

Screen: 48"x85" plywood/low gain digital Screen Goo surface

Video cables: Bettercables

AV amp/rcvr Denon 3802

Speakers L/C/R: Legacy Studios

Speakers Surround: Polk CS245's

Speakers rear: DIY MT configuration

Subwoofer: DIY 15" Tempest/230 litre sealed cab/250 w amp

Misc: Aten VS-134 video splitter (drives HTPC monitor & DILA simultaneously)

Seating: 5 Premiere Marquis chairs (similar to Berklines)
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