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Hi to all.

With this long post i know that i ask you a very big help because a newbie like me have often many questions. The only thing can I do for thank you is to invite you to my house (in Italy!) for a film with my new ht system ;-) I apologize in advance for my awful English language (I’m Italian! :)).

I have ordered this system:

1)Dvd player Panasonic RA 71

2)Receiver Denon 2802

3)Tv Panasonic 32 pk 25

4)Speakers JBL series LX: 2 front 2005, 2 surround 2004, 2 center 2000 center, 1 subwoofer PB 12.

and it will be at my house in the next week, so I’m planning the installation of the various pieces that composed it. My questions are:

1)It’s true that the dvd players (in particular my ra 71 that read DVD-A) spoil themselves in reading audio cd? I ask you because I’m thinking about connect or not my old cd player to my new receiver for reading the music cds.

2)What real advantages can give me bi-wiring the speakers in the specific case of my ht system?

3)Connecting the pieces (tape, cd, phono, etc) of my old stereo hi-fi (with a low quality cables) and my old vcr to the my new receiver have some contra-indications? The overall quality of the “new part†are the same with or without old pieces connected?

4)I have read that the speaker cables must be of the same length for an audio stereo hi-fi system. This rule is good also for HT? If I have the frontal speakers at a distance of 2 yards from the receiver and the surround speakers at a distance of 4 yards I must buy 2 cables of 2 yards and 2 cables of 4 yards or 4 cables of 4 yards?

5)It is better terminate the speakers cables with a banana connector or leave them not terminated (because with my receiver I have all of this two possibilities)?

6)If i would connect my dvd player with my receiver (not directly to tv) using the scart rgb output of the dvd (the receiver have only s-video input), i must buy a scart rgb–svideo cable?In this case the rbg signal is lost or not? Finally, it’s better, for the video quality, the direct connection to the tv or through the receiver?

7)I have the opportunity to have a discrete technician to install my system. In your opinion, it is better to do the installation by myself or leave this work to the technician?

8)I have a room that i will use only for ht and so i will haven’t problems with the disposition of the furniture. My room is 5.5 x 4.4 x 2.6 yards with a side semi-opened on an other equal room and three of the four side of the room are wall but the fourth (left) side have only two pieces 1 yard long of wall (one from top side wall and one from bottom side wall).

The disposition that i think is: tv with the central speaker in the center of the longer side (top side wall), in this side there are also the frontal speakers and the sub (between the left frontal speaker and the tv). The point of hearing and viewing is horizontally centered and at 3/4 of the room in vertical. The surround speakers are 0.7 yard behind the point of hearing and viewing and horizontally aligned with the frontal speakers. The central rear speaker is aligned with the frontal central speaker.

My doubts are:

a)The left “phantom†wall can create some acoustic problems with this disposition? The are better dispositions of the components of the system for this room?

b)I have read different opinions on the disposition of the surround speakers: someone says that the speakers must be positioned a little behind the point of hearing and viewing at the height that the ears and the tweeters are at the same height; others say that the correct disposition is with the surround speakers at the sides of the point of viewing and hearing at a yard above the ears of a seated person. Because I have floor tower standing speakers I think that I will use the first solution but what is the best?

c)The distance

-from the speakers to the walls’ corner of 1.2 yard

-from speakers to the walls of 0.7 yard

is good for avoiding a too big enchantment of the low frequencies?

d)The speakers must be oriented directly to the point of hearing and viewing or to the opposite wall or to the nearest wall?

e)I have read that the central speaker must be at the same height (as possible) of the frontal speakers’ tweeters but I have always with every disposition a big difference in the height. My speakers are high 33 inches, the shelf where the tv will be put is high 29 inches, the tv is high 22 inches and the central speaker (in horizontal position) is high 6 inches. So there are two possible dispositions: 1)The speaker upon the tv: the height of the central speakers tweeter is 29+22+6=57 inches versus an height of the frontal speakers’ tweeters of 33 inches...a big difference! 2)The central speaker under the tv on a shelf at the height of 17 inches. So the height of the central speakers tweeter is 17+6=23 inches versus an height of the frontal speakers’ tweeters of 33 inches...an other big difference. I think that all of you must have the same problem (or, more probably, I don’t understand something...) because to have the correct alignment central tweeter-frontal tweeters the height of the tv-shelf must be about 6 inches (band it means to see a tv that is too near to the floor). Have you the same problem or I’m making a some type of mistake? What is the best solution? There are other solutions?

9)My dvd player have two scart connection (one of these two is rgb) and my tv have three (two of these three are rgb). It is better connect the videorecorder (vcr) with a scart directly to the tv or to the dvd player? An other possibility is to use a scart-s-video cable for connecting the vcr with the receiver. What’s the best?

10)Some friends suggest me, for my specific ht system, to use speakers cables with a price about 5 $. It is correct or it’s better use more expensive (and with, I hope, more quality) cables for *my* system? What cables can you suggest me? I think about

-qed original 5 $

-monster xp-hp 6 $

or (more expensive)

-qed silver anniversary 10 $

-monster original mc 8 $

11)Some friends suggest me a digital coaxial cable for connecting the dvd player with the receiver. What cables can you suggest me for my specific ht system? I think about:

-qed qunex sr75 90 $

-monster datalink100 85 $

12)What scart rbg cables (or s-video, see your answer to my n°6 question) can you suggest me for my specific ht system? I think about qed Squart 4110 rgb 100 $.

13)What signal rca cable can you suggest me for my subwoofer? I think about qed qunex two 55 $.

Thank you very very very much for the time spent for helping me.

Thank you again


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First of all, your English is far superior to my Italian. :)

I'm going to try to make my answers brief and you can ask additional ones if you like.

1) Use the Panisonic DVD player for your audio cds as well. You didn't mention what your old CD player was, but I think the new DVD player will work just fine with your system for regular audio CDs. IF you have the room for a second CD player on your receiver, then you could try it.

2) Bi-wiring will probably show no significant improvement for your system. Generaly bi-wiring would help in much higher-end systems using separate components and better grade speakers.

3) Not sure what you are asking here.

You can go ahead and use inexpensive cables to hook up your tape deck, your phono and even your VCR if you like. It would not effect the performance of your new equipement. Of course it would be ok to upgrade those when ever you choose to do so.

4) False. Your speaker wires do not have to be the same length.

5) In my opinion, banana plugs are more for convenience than for performance. I use them, but they are not necessary. They should neither add or detract from your sound.

6) Connect your RGB cable from your DVD direct to the video input of your TV and run the digital audio able to your receiver. Run the S-VHS cable from your VHS into the receiver and then another S-VHS cable out from your receiver to the TV.

7) Do it yourself. It's easy, fun and you will learn more about your equipment. You will also find it easier to change things when you wish to in the future.

8) Yes, speaker placement can be tricky, but your room is not so small and it sounds like your positioning will work fine.

a) You may need a bigger sub to fill the volume of that open room.

b) Yes, for direct radiating speakers on stands, your first position is correct.

c) Again, this could be an issue with your sub.

d) all rooms are different. But yes, you should try to get them to line up.

e) This hardly ever happens in real life applications. The way your speakers are, will work fine.

9) As stated above, use a RGB cable from your DVD to your TV. Have the VCR go through the receiver.

11 & 12) I use Monster. The cost is up to you, but remember that you may not actually hear differences because a cable or speaker wire cost more.

Tony Camardo
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