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HT-CT100 Comcast DVR Default Settings Resoration

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I CANT TYPE**** ResToration* Haha..sorry

Hi everyone. I know there is a full thread on the HT-CT100, and it seems this question has been brought up in there, but it was never fully resolved as far as I can tell.

So here is my setup:

Comcast DVR (Motorola) --> (HDMI) in to the HT-CT100 --> (HDMI) in to my Samsung LN46A630

I have had the DVR and the TV for months and months. In order to have my SD picture stretched, I simply go into the DVR settings, and set the 4:3 Override option to "Stetch" (Default is "Off"). I never had a problem with this and have been completely happy.

However, on Friday, I purchased the HT-CT100 and set it up as I laid out above. Now, whenever I turn off the entire system (DVR, HTCT100, TV) and turn it back on, the DVR's default settings are restored. Therefore the 4:3 override option is set to "Off" and the vertical black bars show on the TV.

Has anyone figured out a way to fix this other than to have the HDMI go straight to the TV and optical out to the HT-CT100. I really DON'T want to do that, because then what is the point of even having the built in amp/reciever?

Does my LN46A630 have a built in mechanism to recognize which signal it is recieving and auto-stretch? (I can't seem to find that)

I am enjoying this system and would hate to have to bring it back.

Can someone please help!?
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