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HT demo in Southern Kentucky area March 22nd.

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I am opening up my small theater room for demo of a few pieces of equipment for those that are interested in seeing any of these pieces.

Projectors: Sony VPL-VW600ES

Projector: DPI M-Vision Cine LED 1000

Screen: 9' wide 2.40 aspect ratio curved screen with Screen Excellence EN4K fabric.

Prismasonic masking system

Prismasonic C100 anamorphic lens with H100R powered slide.

Kaleidscape movie server

Speakers and subs are DIY, with exception of surround speakers (JBL 8340's)

For those interested in seeing these items, please shoot me a PM or email.

Located in South Central Kentucky
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Just came from Mike G's as I got to see the Sony VW600 and the DPI LED projectors. The DPI LED was very nice and it was very sharp with very good contrast. It put out a much better picture than I thought it would. The Sony 600es was on another level. The detail was better than what I am use to with 1080p projectors(I own the JVC X700) and the added brightness was very much to my liking.

Mike has a beautiful home and awesome home theater and I was impressed with his sound setup(love the bass) as much as I was with the Sony 600es.

Thanks for the hospitality Mike. Now I gotta save my money for the Sony!!


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Yeah, I had fun showing off the system. Had 8 people come by and see the projectors and experience my system. I played some clips near reference level, just so that people could experience clean HT at these levels. Had the system 3 db below reference for long periods of time and no one person thought that it was to loud.
Anybody that missed seeing the system, several AVS'er ended up with schedule conflicts, let me know and I will see about setting something up again.
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Mike are you going to post any comments on the projector demo? Curious how the DP fared vs the Sony.
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