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HT Dimensions Feedback Wanted

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Hi everybody,

I've been a long time lurker in this forum and it's time to take the plunge :)

I have an unfinished space in my house that I'm thinking about turning into a dedicated front projection home theater.

The dimensions of the space are

length: 23 ft

width: 8 ft

height 7.5 ft

Since it's a longish room I'm thinking of splitting it into 2 rooms

home theater

length: 16 ft


length: 7 ft

This will allow me to fit a recessed unit into the wall separating the 2 rooms to store all my audio / video equipment. I'll use the other room as an office with a multi purpose PC (HTPC) which I'm going to wire into the recessed unit. Separating the space into 2 rooms also solves the noise issue as most of the components etc. will be in other room.

I'm going to (bi)wire the home theater room 7.1 surround and use a 80"x45" da-lite HCCV screen.

Will these dimensions work?

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I'd be interested in hearing what people think about fairly narrow theaters. I haven't started mine yet, but the ideal location for mine would make it only 9' wide. I can put it somewhere else to get it 12' wide, but there are some other issues involved with that location that I'd rather not do. Anyone out there have a 9' wide or narrower theater? What do you think about it?
I think I must have read the original post at least 4 times trying to come up with something constructive but have been hesitant to throw anything out there. Since I don't have much experience with room acoustics, I've been waiting to see what some of the more seasoned veterans up here would add. While we wait for the pros to weigh in, I'll just throw my 2-cents in here from a layman's perspective.

I did some measuring in my office here and it's about 10 feet wide so I can just about imagine an 8-foot wide room. What I'm having a little bit of an issue with is trying to envision an 80" screen in there. I would think it would tend to make things feel even more cramped. I don't know how light would play into the equation with the side walls being in very close proximity (e.g. how much space is needed to dissipate/diffuse light being reflected off the screen so that it's not a distraction to the eye?) Not to mention, does the 8 feet take into consideration finished wall dimensions? If not, you're looking at an even tighter fit.

Don't get me wrong. You could probably build a very nice and intimate theater. But I would probably make sure that every component (both video and audio) and the screen are scaled to proportion so that the environment achieves a true balance for the senses. One thing I've read along the way is that you want to lose yourself in the movie and not have your mind sourcing sound or light from a specific location away from the screen.

Good luck!

- Ed.
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the actual finished (drywall etc.) dimensions of the home theater will be

width: 7 ft 8"

length: 16 ft

height: 7 ft 2"

I'm attaching a picture of the design.

A little more information on components etc. I'll be using the following speakers

monitor audio silver 5i (front)

monitor audio silver 10i (center)

monitor audio FXi surrounds

attached to a denon 3802 receiver. I have them sitting in a different (more spacious) room right now and they sound spectacular. This weekend I'm going to move them into the intended room and see how the room accoustics/size play out.

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Hey, all you need is a big-honkin' fan where the screen is and you can do some wind-tunnel testing for NASCAR.

Just having some fun with ya.

Boy, that's a really tough one, especially with the surrounds so close to the seating position. Since I'm not familiar with your speaker brand (or surround speaker engineering for that matter), I'm not sure how that's going to play out.

What we need here is one of those acoustical prop-heads (said affectionately) to give some input on how all of the reflective angles are going to work in your proposed space.

Also, I'm assuming you're going with a front projector. That being said, will that also be housed in the wall between the HT and the office? If not, is the room going to have HVAC because it's probably going to get pretty warm in there with that lamp and bodies.

Is your diagram accurate in depicting the placement of the mains? They look like they overlap the screen? Will this impact your image at all?

This certainly is a challenging space.


- Ed.
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Wow, that seems really tight. I measured my narrowest width in my existing and that came to 13'. The room is 24' long. There is no way I would want it any narrower than that b/c of sound and room to walk around, but if it is what you have to do, then so it is.

I'm debating on how I'm going to setup my future HT room in my new house. The basement has weird angles, plumbing, poles & HVAC in the way. Are there any other spaces in your home you care to share that could accommodate a HT room? Maybe some creative minds on this forum can lend a helping hand. It's what I plan to do when I get my basement measured out.

To help me out, what is the width and/or size of everyone's HT room?


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There's a similar thread running right now that has a post with some interesting links to a spreadsheet that might help you out.

Find it here:


- Ed.

P.S. Don't forget to read the entire thread. Dennis has some interesting comments about the spreadsheet et. al.
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