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After hours of endless reading....many thanks to all for the wonderful knowledge.....

I am in the process of designing my HT room from Scratch and have alot of questions....and very little time to make final decisions.....my contractor is starting next week.

History: When I built my house 3 years ago, I left 1600 sq ft on the second level just floorboarded to save some cash.....due to good value increase in the last few years, we where able to refinance and get equity out to finish the upstairs.....so it is now time to build the HT as part of the addition.....

Plan (so-far):

Room ( cannot change!!!) : 18'-8" from screen wall to rear 4' knee wall x 15' -5 1/2" wide x 10' ceiling height....note the back wall slopes from 4' upto 10' at 45 degrees.

Soundproofing Plan: Stagered wall construction with 2 5/8" sheetrock and green glue in between for walls and ceiling. I will only have 1/2 sheetrock on the outside of these walls........ What type of insulation should I use inside of the staggered wall???????? As for the floor ( my biggest concern, ie. babies room below HT), currently there is 2x10 with standard pink insulation....I planned to add another 3/8 sub-floor with Green Glue between it.....I am hoping that this with also my stage and riser packed with insulation will help that problem....I cannot float the floor....due to the knee wall...I do not want to push my viewing area closer.......

Acoustic: I plan to use 1nsul-shield all the way around the bottom of the wall (floor to 44"), From reading here...most use GOM on this????? also,,,,I would rather just paint the drywall above rather than go the batting and more GOM route....I plan to do this by some creative chair molding/ shelf at the top of the 44 insul-shield....feedback????

For the front wall.....I guess I will use Insulshield for from floor to ceiling with black GOM.....and for the first few feet of the side walls.......feedback?????

The floor will be a nice heavy plush carpet.

Should I treat the ceiling with any acoustic treatment....or just paint the drywall?

Video: Due to the budget...I am leaning towards the Sony VLP-HS51 mounted on the back angled wall shooting to a fixed 110-125" screen...not sure what size yet.......

Seating: I plan to either put a big soft couch and two matching chairs at approx 14' on a 6" riser ( limited by that darn knee wall again).....or a sectional...I do not really want theater seating...I like to lay sideways while I am watching movies...!!!!

Audio: I am not sure on this just yet......I will update this thread as I get a better idea on this........

Rack location: Clueless on this one.... I would like to have it built in the wall......but am trying to figure out how to do this and not create heat issues with the audio equip.....I have seen alot of theaters on this page that do this....suggestions????

Doors: There will be a door on each sidewall ....at first I was going to use a set of french doors on each wall ie. 72" wide.....but have re-thought that an will only have a 36" solid coor door on each side......I can place them anywhere in the first 8' of the sidewall from the screen wall.....where would be best...or does it just not matter???????

I must admit this area is a big question mark for me......I am leaning towards some wall colums to break the room and mount sconces on them......I am leaning towards 2 on each wall......I also like the idea of some crown molding set down a few inches from the ceiling and rope lighting all the way around....... Should I be considering a soffet with some cans???? I have also thought of using some Low voltage cans in a couple of zones....or some wire type low voltage track lighting........ HELP!!!!!!

That is all I can think of at the moment...any feedback/help is greatly appreciated!!!!


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