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Hi all,

I thought this forum may be the best spot to start this thread.

I've been listening to the Home Theater Geeks podcast for several months. The interviews are awesome and cover a broad spectrum of the HT scene.

Here are the names of the past podcasts.

I enjoyed them so much I've downloaded them onto my hard drive for future references.

Here is also the link: http://wiki.twit.tv/wiki/Home_Theater_Geeks

* Home Theater Geeks 1 – Surround Sound With Tomlinson Holman – Tomlinson Holman talks about THX, Lucasfilm, surround sound, and more.

* Home Theater Geeks 2 – Video Geek-Out With Joe Kane.

* Home Theater Geeks 3 – 3D Blu-Ray with Andy Parsons.

* Home Theater Geeks 4 – A Movie Studio's Perspective With Don Eklund

* Home Theater Geeks 5 – Live From CES 2010

* Home Theater Geeks 6 – 3-D And Room Acoustics With Anthony Grimani

* Home Theater Geeks 7 – All Things THX With John Dahl

* Home Theater Geeks 8 – Test Patterns And Video Setup With Stacey Spears And Don Munsil

#9 is not on this site yet but is all about audio HD with Scott Wilkinson...I listened to it today via itunes...awesome.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
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