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I am looking to go back to 7.1 after buying a Yamaha sound bar .we learn by our mistakes!

I went that route to try to minimize my equipment which consists of:

A Turntable connected to an Esoteric Noise Reducer connected to a Manley Steelhead connected to a Merlin Bam connected to a pair of monoblocks connected to the speakers an not forgetting the Sub and the Manley power supply and the Power center AND THAT'S JUST MY TWO CHANNEL!

For the H/T I have an Integra DTR 9.1, a modded Denon 3910, a cable box` HDMI splitter, Gallo surrounds and rears, Merlins for the Mains and center and a PJ all this all sounded great but sooooo much gear sooooo many wires.

I only need a processor /amp to run my HT it seems that all the AV receivers that do not need a separate amp have loads of inputs and radios.

I just need 2 or 3 HDMI in and maybe a couple of components a digital audio input/outputs and a HDMI out, DTS/THX ,7.1 any suggestions around the $2-3K new mark, and it needs to be small, the smaller the better.

The regular bells and whistles are fine such as upconverting but I only need 1080i as the PJ has its limitations.

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