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I bought yesterday the Onkyo HT-S4505, installed the speakers and had my ps4 to a hdmi in (game) and a cable from hdmi out to my TV (also hdmi).

I turned the tv and the receiver on, but didn't have an image on my tv. I then turned my ps4 on and got sound but still no image. However, the sounds broke up every 5 seconds (for about 5 seconds) and I got from time to time a blue image for half a second. When I connected my ps4 directly to my tv, I got image and sound. I also tried a different hdmi in, but same thing...

Then I connected my iPhone and played some music through Spotify and that worked well.

Any help why I don't get an image nor sound when connecting my ps4 to the receiver?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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