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Need recommendation for a 23x18x10 family room with carpet, area rugs, drapes, heavy cherry wood and leather furniture.

I currently have a 5-yr old Onkyo HTR520 (HTiB) that I am looking to replace. Looking to spend up to $1,200 for both receiver and 5.1 speakers/sub. The system will be primarily for watching movies and some music (jazz, pop; no heavy metal). I am not into any gaming either.

After doing some initial research at local BB, I have shortlisted the following:


1. Klipsch Quintet III ($299) or SL ($399) + Sub-12 ($349)

2. Mirage Nanosat 5.1 ($549)

3. DefTech ProCinema 600 ($799)

I am very open to any other speaker suggestions in my price range.


1. Denon 2310ci (I heard it's complicate to setup??)

2. Pioneer (one of new Elite series)

3. Yamaha (didn't research the models yet, have heard mixed reviews)

4. Onkyo (I've got one now, prefer to buy something else)

I am open to suggestions here as well.

NOTE: this system will be a dedicated system for this room only. I have a full-fledged Home Theater in my lower level (which I plan to upgrade too in 6 mos). I am also planning to move my current Onkyo HTR520 to my office/den and possibly replace the speakers; keep the receiver.

Thanks in advance for all your inputs. It's greatly appreciated.
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