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HT Setup Question

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Sorry to have a demanding first post, but I have a problem, and I hope you all can help me. I have a home theater, and the way it is set up is not really working that well for me. I simply have too many components, and no easy way to connect them all. I have several audio sources, which are inconsequential. The problem is that I also have tons of A/V components:

1. A progressive scan DVD player/changer (optical audio, component video)

2. A Sony SAT-T60 DirecTivo (optical audio, component vido)

3. A Samsung HDTV DirecTv Reciever (optical audio, S-Video)

4. An X-Box (optical audio, component video)

These four components are hooked into a Sony HDTV and a JVC reciever with 1 optical and 1 coaxial input (it takes a little switching, but it can be managed). The other problem is that the TV is located at the other end of the 40' room from the A/V closet where the reciever is located which makes multiple cable runs both costly and difficult. Moving the TV or A/V equipment would go against the will of the interior decorator, and therefore is strictly forbidden in the eyes of the women of the house.

Does anyone here have any recommendations for solutions. Money is something of an issue, as I cannot affort to purchase anything much above $500 at this point, excluding cable, plates and the other requirements.

Thanks for all your help,

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Welcome to AVS Forum!

I think what would work for you is a receiver that has component switching capability (make sure that it has the bandwidth to handle HD component signals). You could also use a few more digital audio inputs. You should be able to run a single component cable to your display across the 40' span then. I am sure you could get a reasonable one for under $500 but for that big a room, you might want to spend a bit more...

Side note: You cannot get an HD signal over an S-Video connection. If that is indeed how you are displaying your satellite receiver on your display, you are in for a very pleasant surprise when you hook it up with component cables!
Welcome to the forum!

If you have $500 to spend, I would recommend this: Sell the JVC (e-bay, local classifieds, whatever) and put that $ with the $500, and go the to audio section of AVSforum. Do some research for ~$500 receivers that do component switching of HDTV (>37 MHz bandwidth). You should be able to find something reasonable for that price. You'll likely be upgrading your audio as well as giving yourself the flexibility that you need.

BTW, many people run across the same "interior decorator" limitations that you have experienced... there's even an acronym for it...when you see people on the forum talking about the WAF (wife approval factor), that's usually what they're talking about! :D

Good Luck.
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