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HT Speakers for a Vaulted Ceiling

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I am trying to decide which speaker and the placement of, to use in a HT application in a room with vaulted ceiling. I had originally thought of using ceiling speaker for the surround and my box speakers as the front and center. That was before the vaulted ceiling idea (house is being built).

Now, it appears the best approach would be to have some type of speaker mounted on brackets above and angling down on the listener, from the front and rear. Basically, we will have a TV above the gas fireplace.

Does anyone have, or seen a setup like this. Any ideas on the setup and type of speakers to use?

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas.
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Well, hangin small to medium sized bookshelfs is a FAR sperior idea to in walls and in ceilings. Just amek sure to give them a good sub actually id suggest two subs myself. Make sure you dont pick rear ported speakers for this because of proximity to wall and also try to mount the fronts much closer to ear level than the surronds.
Thanks edsullivan! Anyone else out there who would like to share??? ;)
for mounting you speakers i would recommend using omnimount.....

excellent mounts very well built..... they come in many different sizes and configurations......

they even have a list of speakers that they make models specifically for...



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