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HT Speakers purchased w/ Funny Money

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I've got $4k that's being rolled into my mortgage (funny-money) that I can use to buy speakers for my HT. I'm driving them w/ an Integra 7.3 recvr. I may decide to go w/ separates. I have to get all of my equipment through a specific buyer and he carries only Monitor Audio, Klipsch, and PSB. I'll dig thru all the threads in this forum, but I was hoping someone could give me a kick-start on some recommendations. I'd prefer to have a kickass 3.1 system as opposed to an average 5.1. I can always buy surrounds/rears later. the room is 18'W x 21'L. this will be a dedicated HT w/ FP. i'd prefer floor standing speakers for fronts. eventually, i'll get to 7.1 but its not a priority now.

thanks for your help.
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I forgot to mention that music is a much lower priority than movies. 98% movie viewing.
I just put together an entire speaker package for approx. $3600 consisting of NHT T5's, M5 center, and CS 8.3 rear surrounds, and they work like a champ. They do a very admirable job of handling both music and movies. I would definitely put them on your list to audtion. If you need more bass, try the T6's, for bigger rooms. Try to listen to U571 on them with the depth charge scene.
Hey steakdaddy,

Since you're interested in theater, I would go with the monitor audio. While Klipsch are excellent speakers and are highly efficient, they have a few caveats:

1) Horn in Klipsch design makes for smaller sweet spot as high freq response drops out of primary listening axis.

2) Horns tend to be more "lively sounding" which is of benefit if you like live music, not home theater (minor reverb/echo effect)

There was a recent discussion on this thread about monitor audio's response curve. It seemed to emphasize the vocal range a little. I have also sat down and listened to a few, and have great respect for them as a whole.

I must admit, I know little about psb speaker line.


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PSB's are Canadian made, nothing wrong with them except that there are some cheepy point in the supposedly Higher end of there line which to me makes them bottom of the line. They do have nice midrange speakers that perform pretty good for the money.
Are among the best speakers you can buy at any price. I don't think you will be disappointed if you audition the PSB Goldi which has been a staple of many magazines recommended components or the Paradigm 80 or 100.

Note these are the larger speakers for both brands. I own the PSBs and they can flat out rock.

I agree with the person who also mentioned NHT-they make great stuff as well as you know. What all of these brands have in common is great sound at non inflated prices.
where can i audition the PSBs? what stores carry them? Magnolia Hi-Fi? also, I'm looking at their site, http://www.psbspeakers.com/s/PlatinumSeries.html, and is the Stratus Gold their hi-end speaker set?
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