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I'm looking to buy one of these two systems. I'm leaning towards the SS2300 since it will allow me to pick and choose the DVD player I want and not just take the bundled one that comes with the 7200dh.

I have three questions I'd appreciate help on:

1. For the HDMI inputs, is there any difference how the SS2300 handles the video and audio? Would HD from my Set Top Box or Blu Ray Discs from my PS3 look and sound the same as they would on the 7200dh?

2. Speaker quality. I know next to nothing about speakers. Is the sound quality better or worse on either unit? I know the 2300 has the proprietary connections that everyone hates....

3. Are there over HTIB systems that have multiple HDMI inputs that handle audio and video in the sub $500 price range?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.
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