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We just purchased this house last April and enough 'honey do's" are done that the wife is now anxious to get our theater space completed. We've had a theater space in several homes before and she wants this one done! I am so blessed to have a partner in crime on this venture.

So our basement is fully finished except for the storage room, and no, that won't work for a theater.

If you look at the attached drawing, currently our 122" DIY screen is on the wall where the curved theater seats are shown and the seats are where the new wall will be built. I need to reverse due to the sliding glass door, which would not work well with a seating platform.

I'm looking for suggestions and/or confirmation.

I want to do 7.1, but won't have much room behind the theater seats, so:

1. Should I do ceiling speakers above for the Rear Surround?

2. Or in-wall speakers behind seats for Rear Surround?

I will be running dedicated circuits for components (20A), Lights (15A) and outlets (15A). Also will be removing a 4' wide strip of the ceiling in order to add soundproofing and can lights.

We use this mostly for movies (DVD, Blu Ray, DirecTV HD), sports (DirecTV HD) and PS3/Xbox360 games.

I will be making blackout curtains for the sliding door and window over Christmas break. Yes, I can sew. I can hunt, fish, thin timber, fight forest fires, and kick my nephew's USMC butt too. Go ARMY!

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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