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Hello -- I have a Samsung HDTV, a PS3, an HDTV cable box, and a frustrating Samsung HT-TZ512 that won't receive 5-channel audio through the optical cable (it doesn't have an HDMI input). The HTIB only seems to recognize Dolby Pro-Logic II input through the optical cable, regardless of the audio source. I've tried various connecting configurations, but the HTIB is definitely where the issue is. For instance, I've programmed the PS3 to output DTS 5.1 and/or Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound through the optical cable, plugged the optical cable directly into the HTIB, and still -- all I get is Dolby Pro-Logic II, acting as if it's interpreting a 2-channel audio feed.

Can anybody tell me if I'm missing something, or share if they've experienced similar problems with the HT-TZ512? The unit works fine with DVDs, but since the optical audio doesn't recognize 5 channel audio I'm not getting true surround sound from either my HDTV cable or the PS3. Frustrating.

Thanks all. Apologies if this was already addressed somewhere -- I did a search & didn't find anything, but I'm new to the forum.

Thanks again!
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