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I have been lurking in this forum for quite a while. I have grown envious of the amazing HT's on this forum, and I have thought about creating a new HT in my home. I bought this house about 2.5 years ago, and the HT is one of the things that sold me on the home. My family enjoys the room, but there are many things that I would have changed if I was the one that designed it.

My current HT is in a converted bedroom that measures15'4" L x 10'8" W. The SD PJ that came with the house died on me last summer, and I bought an Optoma HD65 to replace it. One of the major problems I have with this room is that we have to watch our movies in 4:3 because the screen is not large enough to view in 16:9. I could just get a wider screen, but it would cover part of my equipment rack and part of the opening to the room.

I have another room that measures 18'1" L x 9'3" W that I would like to start over in. My biggest concern about this room is that it may be too narrow for a HT. My seating is 82" wide, so I would be left with a single isle of about 29". I would like to get 2 rows of seating along with a small bar behind the second row if possible.

Here is a list of my current equipment:

Onkyo TX-SV646 5.1

Speakers are built into walls (I do not know what they are)

HR20 Direct TV HD DVR



Hitachi VCR

Phillips CD changer

Monoprice 4x2 HDMI switch

Onkyo HT-S9100 7.1 for Living Room

I will probably update the HT receiver and speakers if I do this build. I am not concerned about sound isolation. I would just like a nicely finished room. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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