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My Ht is what Widescreen Review would refer to as an HT with alot of compromises, and doesn't deserve to be called just H.T.

My TV doesn't have the brand Runco writen to it. it's a...

Samsung 32 inch Analog widescreen direct view. only interlaced signal would be displayed.

My speakers are not Thiels but.....


Mains: RT-7

Center: CS 250

Surround: M-7

Subwoofer: PSW 300 (special thanks to Ken walker of Polk Audio USA for helping me fix and replace my woofer even though I from the Philippines)

My AVR are not Theta Cassablanca or Proceed but...

Denon AVR 3300

My DVD has no progressive but....

pioneer DV 500 (bedroom) & DV 525 (HT)

My Bass Shakers are not Clark Synthesis or Buttkicker but....

4 pieces aura bass shakers

powered by an old Pioneer Stereo Amp 105W per channel.

My S-Video Cables are not Monster Cables but...

Radio Shak

RCA cables- I made my self.

Room has no Acustic Treatment with Roomtune...

But just a small, almost square room with a sofa and a computer set.
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