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V Inc has revealed how to get to a service menu to output custom resolutions. Anyone who's been playing with the D1 and the NEC HT1000 have any idea what parameters to use for 1:1 pixel mapping? I need a full panel image, which I can squish to proper proportions with a Panomorph lens.

Here's how to get to the service menu (copied from another thread on AVS):

Here is the latest from Vinc. I sent them an E-mail explaining the problem.

I would like to point out that they were very quick to get back with

me. Here's what they said:

"You can program manually if you have all the parameters.

1) Go to the Setup Menu

2) Move the highlight where you change the DVI setting.

3) Key in 9713 on the remote

4) the custom menu should display

Use the keys as indicated at the bottom of the screen to change the parameters for the format you wish to program."

I followed these steps and came to a menu with the following settings:

DVI Custom Settings

Horizontal Freq.-------------Vertical Freq.

Video Width------------------Video Height






The Freqs, Height and Width I can get from the manual, any idea what

to use for the rest?
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