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Where are the audiophile reviews. Mine finally arrived but I AM NOT qualified to review. I'm having such a time getting placement and mid bass in order that I think I wouldn't do it justice.

I will say that my (soon to die) 12 year old NHT 10" 80 watt sub sounded just as good as HTD's 200 watt 12". But I'm sure a break in period and the proper adjustments would fix that.

But would love to hear someone with experience opine. Before I take the plung and return it to buy the $200 more expensive HSU STF3 everyone raves about.

I would hate to spend the money only to find that it's slightly better. Anyone heard them both and care post?

I thought the 12", double the watt and newer technology would surely have me drooling, but I've yet to find the car stereo head pounding bass I want. I do realize that HT is way different than music. I just want to feel the punch in my chest. Is that Possible with the above?

My room is an addition 18x18 with a 7' ceiling that slopes to 11' (that kills the acoustics).

Please not the normal "just get the HSU..." post. I'm asking about the HTD level 3 review or comments and comparison. Thanks
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