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Anyone have any experience buying from these people? I am fairly sure theaterseatDOTcommunication and htoutlet on ebay are the same people.

I purchased a set of berkline chairs at the first of the week and was told they were in stock to ship out and that shortly after I received the invoice I'd receive the tracking. The only thing I can be sure of is I got the invoice right after I placed the order. Yesterday I sent over an email asking for a status update, to no response. So I called today, and no one answered so I left a message, then sent over a follow up email.

I felt reasonably comfortable placing the order. Someone answered the phone and was very knowledgeable. I received a follow up phone call after placing the order to confirm it. HToutlet has a perfect ebay rating. This thread, while short, was positive: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1111042 .

But, now that a week has gone by and I can't get a response, I'm a little nervous about this big charge on my credit card.

Any experiences?

Just as a follow up-- I did receive a call back today. Said they looked into why I didn't have my order and a "part" was out of stock and it wouldn't be in until Tuesday, but that my order would ship out Tuesday and they would "expedite" the shipping until 2 day. We'll see.
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