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Dear All,

I use HTPC to connect with Infocus SP7205 (DVI input) and try with resolution 1080i

The config of HTPC:

P4 3G CPU, 256MB Ram and Asus Radeon 9600XT display.

OS: Window XP (Home edition)

Using PowerStrip with 3.53 version.

1). When I use the 1080i options in PowerStrip, it can show the image clearly. But I found:

Powerstrip setting: 1920 x 1080i (HDTV standard)

Input source shown from projector : 1920 x 1080/120Hz.

I select all other 3 1080i options in PowerStrip:

HDTV derived, HDTV Pal-derived and ATI HDTV.

The projector is still showing 1920x1080/120Hz input source.

Is this normal?

2). Everytime I reboot the PC, it will be hanged. No image shown and PC is not running.

I have to return to other lower resolution setting in safe mode.

I check with the display profile from Powerstrip:

The max resolution: 1912 x1072 /60Hz

The max refresh rate: 80Hz at 640 x 480

I suspect the reason is 1080i over the max resolution setting.

Am I right? If so, how can I change the max resolution? Which setting should I use?

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