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Just saw my first calibrated 10HT in action with a progressive-scan DVD player.

Image was fantasitc. Very, very highly resolved and very little obvious artifacting in the way of scaling.

HDTV feed was dramtically better (duh)...and any hint of "screen door" that I thought I saw on one or two DVD scenes completely vanished. This has made me think that what I perceived to be the (very few) "screen door" effect was probably more a "macro blocking" effect I've heard other's mention that is a product of the scaler. Certainly it seems that the "screen door" everyone complains about on the new Sanyo is mostly macro-blocking from the scaler.

That has me wondering if there would be any improvement "faking" the Sony by upconverting the DVD image using an HTPC to generate an "HDTV" signal from the DVD image (666 progressive--so I've been told).

I know that the sony doens't allow a pixel for pixel mapping with computer input...BUT the scaled HDTV image was so supurb I can't help but think that as long as the Sony thinks it's got an HDTV signal you should be bypassing any visible scaling artifacts.

Can anyone comment on this? Have any of you bothered with HTPC with your Sony 10HT and does it make a marked improvement over a good progressive-scan stand-alone DVD player?


dave http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

p.s. don't get me wrong...the 480P image upscaled by the Sony was incredibly watchable to say the least! I'm just wondering how close one can get the DVD image to look like HDTV all things being equal.

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