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Hey all;

I have a HTPC with an ATi HD 3450 being used with its DVI to HDMI adapter.

Basically the problem I'm having is that if I plug it straight into the TV, I get audio and video from the TV, but if I plug it into the amplifier (Yamaha RX-V863, I can't provide a link with my low post count) and configure it to use HDMI as both audio and video, audio will not work.

I've changed the default audio output device to HDMI in Vista and it works with these settings when hooked up to the TV, but won't work when plugged into the amp, it displays video but no audio... does anyone have any ideas? Is the ATi adapter known to have problems like this?

I would like to be able to use HDMI for both audio and video rather than the onboard coax spdif for audio... thanks.
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