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Hi everyone, I've been looking at this deal for the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Quad Core Processor + MSI NF750-G55 Motherboard for $170 after rebate at Fry's and was wondering if I'd be able to make a build for this for $400-500 that already includes the $170 in the price. Software will be cheap for me as I already have access to both win 7 and vista in x64 builds, and I'll probably keep it to about 4-6gb of RAM

Also assuming about $100 for case and psu, I don't mind having a midtower doing the work.

What I want for my HTPC:
  • Either two 500gb drives or 2 1tb depending on which is cheaper at the time (one for OS, one to back it up, along with backing up my main laptop that will do everything else. Storage space can be added over time as I have external drives with space to spare currently.
  • Want a minimum of BD-rom player, considering getting one off newegg for about $60, or even maybe the BD-R burner going for $145, if the price gets too high Ill stick to the BD-rom
  • Considering making this htpc into a DVR, if the cost of the vid card is too high to have that capability, I'll just stick to video out capabilities. Since the processor is decently strong, I'll probably be encoding video on it and possibly ripping BD files if I get the burner
  • Be able to do two or more of these processes without having to worry about video output when watching full HD content

So would I be able to get all I want for that price? If anything it may be good to tell me what my dream build would cost, and what my minimum build would cost.

**Edit #1** Since I live in a smaller apartment, multi-channel audio isn't really a necessity to me so I just use the speakers on my 42" plasma. I figure when I get a house and a proper audio setup simply throwing in a nice sound card won't be a hassle as my system will already have been around for a long time.
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