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HTPC Clone Mode Gaming

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Hi everyone, I think this is the best place to ask this question, I have setup a booth for a show and having trouble setting it up in clone mode on ati card but on the nvidia card, there is no problem.

We need the game COD4 to be in clone mode setup, one on the LCDmonitor, the other an LCD TV. After setting up CCC to run clone mode, everything is ok in windows, but once the game runs, it will only run on the main monitor. I remember doing this similar setup with an ATI X850XT and didn't have problems before, but it just wont seem to work, at first we thought it was because of XP so we bought and installed windows vista home premium on it but still it wont work. On a separate machine with an NVIDIA 8800GTS there is no problem, when running COD4 it runs perfectly well on both screens with CLONE mode setup as well.

Is there a setting we need to activate on CCC?

Hope you guys with experience on ATI can help coz I am just stumped, really. I wasted good money already by getting vista and now it still aint working,

Using both DVis already with VGA converters.

To clarify, Clone mode is already working, its just that when you run the game, it only appears on the main monitor, but even as soon as you exit the game, clone mode is ok again.

But on the Nvidia vcard on the second system, its working fine.


Using Catalyst 8.6

VC: HD3870x2

proc: E8500 non OC

Ram: 2x1GB Mushkin redline xp

OS: Vista home premium

I have attached a picture of our setup so you will understand what we are trying to do.

Thanks, hoping for a quick response coz today is the last day of the show already.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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