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Hi there -


So I have considered this many times as I'm sure you all have. I seem to pay to much for TV!

My ideal solution would be a MOHU leaf connected in to HTPC that I could watch and record live TV. My smart TV is also cable of streaming Netflix, Amazon and HULU


Has anyone implemented a system like this that incorporates a MOHU or similar device that connects to a HTPC for recording purposes? I also have a large collection of movies - mkv, avi etc and music that I would like to stream across my network. There is also CAT5 cable running thru the house.


Would one beable to have a small HTPC next to their TV like a EZEE box or Acer Revo that would handle the TV side of things using a Hauppage card that would record and watch live TV - then be able to handle movies coming from my NAS or headless server? After looking at the specs of the Revo and EZee box I would not be able to install such a card because of size - so I'm left with building my own HTPC.

If I could get this up and running I plan to use Couchpotato and SickBeard to automatically record TV shows.


Anybody got any ideas or input here?




MOHU Leaf -> HTPC -> LG 55" Smart TV


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