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Hi and thanks for the help,

I've jumped into HTPC's with both feet and gotten wet. Now I need a lifeline or two. I converted a gaming PC to HT use (not much conversion, I moved it downstairs and plugged it in). So far it's great, burned all my movies then downloaded Media Portal for the frontend, and that started my issues. First question, has anyone gotten MP to work with the Logitech DiNovo mini? It works right out of the box for Media Center (as expected) but I can't get it to do a few key commands (like ESC). I haven't tried mapping keys in MP, there's no instructions how to do it so I didn't want to mess with it.

The first one worked so well that now I'd like to watch TV on my gaming pc so I need a recommendation for a PVR card that is pretty slim/small. It has to fit with my GTX260 cards and be able to withstand their constant heat. Any good cards that will offer easy recording of OTA TV, arent too bulky or heat sensitive and works well with Vista 64? I have a PCIe slot available (for the time being till video card prices drop again and I can go TriSLI).

Thanks for the inputs,

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