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Htpc + Dlp Can Reduce Rainbow

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I read several topic

When use DLP WITH HTPC, can reduce RAINBOW?

if i use DLP with Progressive DVD via RGB, it can reduce Rainbow?
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the biggest way to reduce rainbows is to get used to them.

the first 40 or so hours i had my projector i skimmed thru all my dvds and was getting depressed because the rainbows were so frequent it was really spoiling the experience.

i soon came to realize that i was constantly looking for them, and once i decided to 'not go out of my way' to see them, they became less and less of a problem. also the novelty of them now has worn off. in the last 40-50 hours they haven't impaired my enjoyment at all.

i know you were really looking for some kind of hardware solution, but as is the case in many aspects of this hobby, your mindset really needs to be properly tweaked before you can derive the full benefit of these toys.
I've noticed the same phenomena. After putting in more tha 180 hours watching movies, I hardly see any rainbows at all, maybe 1 every other movie. When I first got the projector it was more on the order of 1 every few seconds.
I can see the rainbows anytime, on any scene, from any source, whenver I care to look for them. However I agree you really can train yourself to more or less ignore them. They are not nearly so bothersome as they were when I first got the projector.
I also think that an HTPC might reduce the rainbow effect. The reason for this is because on the PC you can adjust the refresh rates to match the PJ's highest rating for that resolution. On regular set top equipment the refresh rates are set and can not be adjusted. The refresh rates work the same as in your CRT computer monitor, where the lower the rate, the more flicker you see. Replace flicker with rainbow on dlp. On the HTPC you adjust the refresh rates to reduce flicker and with dlp you do the same to reduce rainbow effect. You just have to get the PJ's specs on horizontal and vertical refresh rates and sync rates and see which works.
Thank you

What is The resolution of RGB output from Prog.DVD?

(I think 640*480)
Um, Paul, I'm not sure what you've said is right. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding was that the refresh rate of DLP projectors is fixed, and is based on the speed of the color wheel. I don't think that when you switch to a different scan rate it changes the speed of the wheel. Rather, I would imagine that it is simply digitizing whatever signal you're feeding it and converting it to the native rate of the engine.

So, it shouldn't make a bit of difference what the refresh rate of the signal is at the input. What matters is the refresh rate at the output, and the 2.5x 6-segment wheel units would seem (both theoretically and empirically) to have the edge there.
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