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I previously had an HTPC hooked up to my 59" Samsung plasma. I recently added a new video card (GTX 670) and added a super cheap 17" monitor to a desk that sits directly behind the sofa.

Here's the problem with the set-up though: If my girlfriend is playing ps3 on the TV and I want to use the computer to browse the web or play a game from the 17", any program I start opens to the TV screen, and all I can do to pull the window to my other screen is blindly guess the location of the mouse and the window. Inversely, if I'd been browsing on the 17" and left the browser open, all additional browsers open to the 17" monitor, which is positioned behind me and usually turned off if using the HTPC from the sofa.

Does anyone know of an effective way to work around this without mirroring? Mac OSX has a feature called "Spaces" in which when you hit a certain hotkey, it pulls up a view of all monitors and virtual desktops side by side, and allows you to drag windows from one to the other, although even that only brings the side by side view to one monitor, something like that, that showed a side by side view on all monitors would be ideal (although I'm not sure it exists). Or if I could somehow have the start/task bar on both monitors, and it somehow always opened up whatever program to the monitor I opened it from would be just as awesome (but I am just as unsure of its existence). I am of course open to any creative solutions anyone has to offer.

I am running Windows 7, and the HTPC has an HDMI cable that feeds to the receiver (Pioneer VSX 1021) and a DVI goes to the cheapo 17"

Anything helps, Thanks!
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