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Hi all,

I'm looking to build a simple limited-purpose HTPC. I just want to be able to play AVI, MPG, DIVX files on my 24" WEGA TV. I'm not interested in reencoding files to VCD for use in an off-the-shelf player.

I don't need PVR capabilities; I have a ReplayTV I'm happy with. I'm not a videophile or HT hobbyist. I don't need Dolby 5.1, etc. I just want at least VHS quality output [I can tell some of you are already cringing!] to the TV from video files on the hard drive or CD. I'd prefer:

- a small form-factor unit (e.g., Shuttle or the like)

- S-video or component outputs preferred

- reasonably quiet

- not spend wads of cash

Any suggestions?
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