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HTPC for Bedroom Dilemna

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Hi, guys. I was redirected here by some nice folks at Head-Fi who thought I could be better helped by asking my specific questions here.


Basically, I'm planning on building a FreeNAS media server that will serve all my pictures, DVD/Bluray rips, and music to a 40" TV in my bedroom. Now what I'm having issues with is deciding on whether I should just go for an all audio stereo setup (2.1) or go for a 3 channel setup to watch movies. I know the center channel makes a significant difference to dialogue clarity and quality but since I only have space in my room to add the center channel and not surrounds should I just forgo watching movies in here and just get a network streamer like a Sonos or Blue Node or something for a audio 2.1 setup?


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Why not get a Sound Bar? There are many of them out there that offer much better sound then the speakers in move TVs. I am a big fan of Sonos but they are pricey. Their Play Bar / Sound Bar is really awesome and has expansion capabilities by adding a Sub and rear speakers to get a true 5.1 Setup that sounds amazing but again is pricey.


The other benefit with Sonos is that you will have the ability to listen to music and control it with any Smart Phone / Tablet / Computer.


How you go will depend on your budget and what features you can / can't do without with.
I have my old Boston Acoustics 2.1 pc speakers connected to the headphone jack on my bedroom tv. Occaisonally on a lazy weekend I'll watch a movie in there, but not often.

I listen to music more often than not, and I think they do a great job there.
I'd Definitely go with soundbar/sub combo. We have several of the Energy (Klipsch) soundbar/wireless sub combo's at work and they're pretty good. I have Sonos, so will head down that route when i do bedroom

Yea, many people have recommended to me that it might be better to just go with a sound bar. The only issue is you gotta spend big bucks on a decent soundbar to get good sound quality and their price point I might be better off just getting some bookshelves. 
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