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A few days ago I loaded the Microsoft "Sidewinder " Joystick software and Lucas Arts "Rogue Squadron" game on my HTPC. Here my observations and a few questions to the HTPC gamers out there.

1.) No matter what I do I can’t get clean audio. It’s broken up and garbled. I have tried both the S/PDIF digital out and stereo analog outs from the M-Audio card to my Lexicon MC1 processor. I have played with sample rates and the only one that works at all is 44Khz. "Rogue Squadron" was released about 3 years ago and originally came packaged with DirectX 6.0, which I didn’t load. DirectX 8.0 came loaded on the HTPC. Any Suggestions on fixing the sound problem? I have the latest update to the game installed (only one)

2.) The active video (using a G11 projector in Auto sync, 3 X 4 screen, PS at 1360 X 1024,) will only sync at 640 X 480. There are video game setup options to select 640 X 480, 600 X 800, 1024 X 768 and 1280 X 1024. The static menu screens will auto sync to any res but as soon as the action starts I can only play the game at 640 X 480. Pretty awesome experience on a 100" screen although jaggies are noticeable at 640 X 480. Any Suggestions?


Main hardware:

AVS, 1 Ghz P3 Elite, 133 Mhz bus

256 MB Ram

Radeon AGP DDR 64 Video Card

M-Audio 24/96 Audiophile Sound card.



PowerStrip 3.0

DScaler 2.3

WinTV dbx FM

Thanks, Don

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