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howdy all,

i've got a jvc hd-61z tv. I hooked up a asus p5q-em based htpc running unbuntu 9.10. Via hdmi the picture on boot is very "green", literally green! X starts but the desktop is always bigger than screen area. I've tried custom mode lines with some success but in the end the screen quality is not what I expect. I booted my netbook with winxp and via hdmi the screen quality was better but not fantastic. Couldn't get windows to do a decent resolution but I wasn't trying very hard. I took the htpc into the bedroom and hooked it up to my samsung 42" lcd and it looks flawless.

So question du jour: is the jvc just not gonna cut it with the htpc? Has anyone gotten their I-DLA tv's working with a htpc based on windows or linux?

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