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I have an ATI Radeon HD 4800 Video/Audio card and I noticed that no matter what Movie I am watching (i.e. the format can be DTS HD, LPCM, DD, etc). It is always sent to my receiver as PCM. I assume this is because my player always decodes the audio stream to PCM format? So a couple of questions:

- I have a fancy receiver that can decode all of the latest formats...would it not do a better job than my PC or does it matter?

- How do you verify that the player is decoding and giving the receiver the best stream possible. i.e. how do I know that a DTS True HD 7.1 track is being decoded and giving my receiver true 7.1 PCM stream.

- If I look at the audio info in TMT3 it says that a 5.1 stream is only 2 channels?!?! The same file under VLC will say something like 3/2 channels. I'm not sure how to get that info from Media Center.

- I have heard that the Radeon 5800 series does a better job decoding the newer formats...is it worth the upgrade?


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