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Thanks for taking the time to help or look.

I want to build a HTPC out of leftover parts and whatever else the community thinks I need.


-Phenom x3 720

-Asus M-Atx board forget which model but has e-sata, firewire, usb, etc.

-6GB OCZ 12800 RAM

-OCZ 500 Watt Pwr Supply

-nMediapc 6000b – just bought on impulse, black Friday is coming!


top of line Samsung 55” Tv

Sharpvision xvz 20000 w/Good screen

McCormack Pre/&Amp’s

Wilson Pup Spkr’s

Direct TV – HD service

Quest HeavyDuty Internet ( I love the comercials) Business Connection (Internet)

Would like advice on Blu-Ray for Computer

Win7&MediaCenter or MythTv (I work with “Suzy” for a living so would prefer Linux, but needs to be wife friendly. She is Win Only….

Quiet is good.

Can be center device controller.

Would like it to be usable for kids and wife (that’s why Win 7 Media Center), have enough storage for our movie collection 2,000 dvd’s 200 Blu. And room for future.

And any advice that I’m ignorant to –I want it quiet as it will be in the theater room, expandable, and useable.

I’m willing to spend maybe - $1000 on finishing the project.

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Sounds like your most of the way there already. All you need is a 5 series Radeon video card for video and HD audio, and a boot drive. I'm guessing you've got a drive lying around, if not get a small SSD.

Here's where I'm going to diverge a little. You want quiet, but a rather large amount of storage. I'm going to suggest you split them up and build a server also. Since you like Linux build a server with your favorite distro and stick it some where out of the way, and use Win7 on the HTPC.. That large of a video collection is going to require a lot of drives. I don't think you could find a HTPC case that would hold that many drives, and it certainly wouldn't be quiet.

I'm crediting you with a certain level of technical competence since you work with Linux, so I don't think it should be to hard. Check out ReneTHX's thread on building a HTPC. It's got build lists for HTPC's and servers. Run the numbers, that hardware you've got could be used for either the server or the HTPC. See which way would be cheaper. Any more questions just ask. Good luck.
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