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HTPC - Improper HD Timing Issue

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I'm having an issue with my HTPC (Core i5/GeForce GTX 560/8gbRAM/SSD/Windows 7), using the XBMC application. My television is a Sony 55" LED HX929 - a 'perfect' IVTC TV.

On a side note, IVTC was explained to me as - 59.94Hz gets converted to 23.976Hz by dropping the duplicated film frames. After that motionflow doubles to 47.xxxHz when using Clear/Clear Plus) - this removes the 3:2 pull-down judder and smooths out the play-back without introducing the unwanted soap video effect.

Anyway, onto my problem: when watching a DVD ISO in XBMC, the timing is off. The picture is out of sync with the audio and it appears to speedup, then slow down repeatedly. I was told by my friend that this is due to improper HD timing - e.g. 1080p60 instead of 1080p59.940Hz which is the proper HD timing. He further explained that the TV is picking up the movie cadence and applies a motionflow setting, then loses it again and so on and so forth.

I tried to turn off Motionflow and Cinemotion off - but that didn't resolve the issue. I then applied the video setting in XBMC to sync to my monitor's refresh rate, which appeared to correct the problem. However, I was told by friend that it actually syncs the video to the graphic card's refresh rate (60Hz), NOT to my monitor's refreh rate.

Since the Sony is one of the very few, if not the only TV (besides it's predecessors) which is capable of doing a really perfect IVTC on NTSC-timings I would really like to get this working 100%. I was told the resolution would be one of the following:

1. Purchase a proper media player, specifically the DUNE HD SMART H1 and play my videos through it, instead of XBMC

2. Change my PC's output timing (which can be difficult to impossible)

Since I've already spent a significant amount on my setup already, I would like to try for option #2 first, which is why I'm making this post.

Could anyone here please suggest how this could be resolved or share their own experience with this sort of issue?

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