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HTPC... In a car?

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Maybe its a crazy idea, maybe its not?

Considering the cheap price of touch screen LCDs, Super cheap DVD drives, and notebook PCs that can stand alot of abuse, is it really that impractical of an idea?

Think about it, $300 bucks for a decent mobo, processor and ram, $50 for video, $100 for sound, $150 for a notebook HD, $300 for a touchscreen LCD, and a $100 or so for a notebook DVD... so about $1000 for a 60gb jukebox, soundprocessor, equalizer, dvd player, trip planner, or whatever else you could possibly think of.

And think about the software side of it, with programs like MusicLobby, it should'nt be hard to make a very user friendly system.

Another idea: stick in a wireless network card and download all your music from your file server without leaving your car.

So, what do you guys think? Its just an idea thats been running through my head for a while.
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Stumbo -- I've seen some pretty impressive, customized media systems in cars that MUST be using some sort of PC. Not production models, of course, but modified, and expensive. So, yes, it is possible AND practical for some.
Oh, Lord. I can see it now. "HTPC enthusiast plows 300 in crowded market while trying to fine-tune Powerstrip timings. Congress to meet in emergency session to consider HTPC control laws."
I am thinking about doing this just gain DVD-A, multichannel sound and a monkey audio player. Also to have an integrated GPS system.

However, the biggest problem I see is heat. Under the sun, cars get pretty hot. I would think this would eventually damage the system.

I might just do it for the heck of it and see how it goes...

I am halfway down this idea but only for music playback using media engine... I have no desire for DVD playback in my car as I had it in the past (alpine TV and DVD setup) and nearly never used it... Having a computer in the car with 802.11 in the garage its easy to sync a few GB's worth of tunes to it and I am probably going to get a xenarc 800x480 touchscreen...

I had an old libretto 110 unused so it was cheaper so far than a new head unit and a lot more convienient and powerful..

Check out


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Here is a nice glovebox install.

Here is a quote from the site:

"Don't be confused by its size...This Monster's got the options...From 6-Channel Audio output, FireWire, USB 2, Digital audio, composite and S-Video output, IDE 133, DDR333 and a PCI slot..."

It uses the (new to me) mini-ITX motherboard.

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There are quite a number of folks in my community putting together mini-itx systems in their vehicles. The mini-itx boards seem to hack the heat and cold very well as well as being inexpensive and easy to integrate. I have one on a bench right now waiting to be installed. I just love the thought of being able to pull up near my house and upload upto 120GB of data via Wi-Fi.
I thought I had an original idea, apparently not. Atleast I now know it can be done.
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