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I'm no HTPC guru, but I have built more gaming systems than I have distal phalanges.

That being said, I need some help/a talking to/punch in the face about my current needs. Eventually I'll want more advanced capabilities like networked streaming over a 1Gb network, and HD cable stream decoding (I'm in Canada), but for now I want to first focus on:

1) Basic central box to play all of my media to my TV, function as a BD player, and HD audio outputter to speakers. I also want it to automatically organize new content, and to use a remote for the MCE interface (Antec Fusion?)

2) Have periodic automatic backups of other known home LAN machines connected to the network. I want the HTPC to poll these machines for specific folders and just backup the files (folder synchronization). I don't need anything *too* fancy here. It could just place all the data in 3 separate folders on the HTPC labeled "PC 1" "PC 2" "PC 3" for all I care.

3) FTP Server. For very, very basic file getting and file putting when out in the world.

4) Grab HDTV from over-the-air (I have an antenna) and output that video and audio via the HTPC to a TV and a set of surround speakers (those speakers will also be used for true 5.1/7.1 audio from Blu-Rays, but I need them to play standard HDTV OTA audio as well)

I have done some reading, so I know a few of the issues, but in this HTPC/Server realm I am a n0000b. I have learned:

- WHS and Vail does not, and will not support Media Center.

- Vail will also stop supporting Data Extender so RAID will be required if I go this way.

- Core i5 low TDP CPUs rock (Full HD Video out and Audio bitstreaming)

- I have no idea how to take an OTA HD signal and have it go to both the external speakers and TV just through the HTPC.

- The only way to run WHS with MCE (or at least the best from what I have seen) is to Have a Win 7 machine with VMware, or Virtual Server running a Virtual WHS in the background, although I don't want to have to do this if at all possible.

- I know that the general wisdom is to not use your HTPC as a central server, but I really just want like 20-30GBs of documents backed up from each machine (folder synchronization). I don't want full backups of each machine.

So is there a third party program (or 2) that I can just install on the HTPC that will give me periodic synchronization of specific remote folders on the home network, as well as FTP server capability?

The system

Antec Fusion Remote

Gigabyte H55 with USB3/4GBDDR3/Corei5 650

2X 1TB Caviar Greens (I have 2 Other blacks I can use if these are too slow)

Wireless N Capability (will probably use wired to my Gig Router)

Samsung BD-Rom 12x

Tuner Card not Chosen Yet.

1 x 120mm 800 Rpm Kaze Jyuni. CPU is passively cooled (Scythe Rasetsu low-profile)

Thanks guys, this forum rocks.
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