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After reading the board I thought I'd take a shot at a design to see if I'm getting the idea. I'll refine as I learn more before buying. I've listed my design objectives at the end of the post.



* my Mitsubishi WS55819

* my 19" CRT PC Monitor

HDTV Tuner:

iTech - AccessDTV (HiPix or MyHD?)

Video Card:

RADEON 9000 PRO 128MB AGP (would 9700 be of added value only for games?)

Sound Card:

M-Audio Delta DIO 24/96 sound card (can I match sound quality with a nice CD player like a Rega Planet (~$400)?

Transcoder (for VGA to component connection to HDTV):

DVD Writer & Player


Quiet PC w/high storage capacity

* Intel P4 (I assume my current PII/400 PCs are too slow)

* biggest IDE HD for around $1/GB (~200GB total)

Wireless KB & Remote


TheaterTek DVD Player - DVD Player

Powerstrip 3.15

* I assume I will get overscan w/o the Powerstrip except for [email protected]

* Is 1920x1080i, 16:9 the ideal setting?

Audio Jukebox Software (rip, record lps, burn, organize)

* MusicMatch (what's better?)


1 - Media Playback better than $250 Progressive Scan DVD player (ideally better than a $500 DVD player). DVD movies and Music CDs

2 - HDTV Tuner (instead of buying a OTA tuner) - will I still need to buy a SAT HDTV receiver for DirectTV?

3 - Record home movies with miniDV camcorder to DVD

4 - Record TV programming (time shifting HDTV & std TV, pause live TV is a benefit but not a must)

5. Record LPs to CD & PC Jukebox (I have a lot of lps that are not available on CD)

6. Audio Jukebox (ideally a compressed but lossless format equal to CD instead of using MP3).

7. Easily make compilation CDs from my Audio Jukebox

8. Display pictures taken with my digital camera and create slide shows

9. GAMES - not required but would be used by the kids who enjoy their PS2

10. Help search for aliens when I'm not using it
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