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I have finally saved my PLV-60 from making my life a misery.

caveat tweaker ... FWIW, YMMV, your colour balance may be ruined, your PJ may be ruined and I don't know what I am doing. On the other hand you may feel as I did, that you have no choice but to try.

If you get into this I strongly recommend using PC test patterns . For this kind of problem they are a sharper, more revealing tool than AVIA. I use Displaymate.

Service menu operation:

- Hold down the 'up arrow' (on the remote) for 15 seconds to see the service menu.

- Use 'up arrow' and 'down arrow' to move through the settings.

- Go through and write down all the settings before changing anything. It's very easy to make a mistake and no way back if you don't have a copy of your original settings. Except return to supplier for service.

- Adjust values with volume +/-.

- Exit the menu by pressing Off one time.

- You can find the PLV-60 service manual around the net (Big Picture?).

Adjustments that have worked for me:

#005 can reduce green flicker. e.g. the ad at the bottom of this page . Use the Displaymate Vertical Line Resolution test screen.

#01C can reduce the 8(?) pixel grid in low intensity greens (and therefore in movie sky, fog, cloud, smoke). Use the Displaymate Screen Uniformity test screen and stand well back from the screen.

#01F can reduce the 1 pixel lines in low intensity greens (and therefore in movie sky, fog, cloud, smoke). Use the Displaymate 16 Intensity Levels test screen with the colour set to green. Stand close to the screen and look for intensity differences between the odd and even pixel columns.

#046 can fix yellow column on right side of screen. Use Displaymate Video Bandwidth test screen with color set to blue.

Can also fix 'ghosting/ringing' type shadows. eg around mouse cursor.

Anyone else?


[Edited to mention ghosting]
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