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This weekend I was work in the setups of card and powerdvd and I like the picture now.

But i got more questions.

HOW I can search the pixel perfection by myself because i touch some parameters in the powerstrip or in the plv-60 and I do not have notables changes .

Why this numbers and not others.

I change the frecuency to 50 and to 70 and don't see outstanding diference .

Exist in the net test for match the best adjust.

And I read for here than not es the same conecct by vga input 1 than 5 bnc

by input 2.

Why and what is the best .

I got the htpc behind to the plv-60 and I want to put near of amplifier and I want use the cables component + video + other two than I got now in the ceiling.

what diference exist between this two inputs.

regards and thanks

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