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Well this may be a first,

Over the past several weeks I have been trying to wean myself off my HTPC and use My 200 disc DVD player and CrystalImage scaler with my NEC projector that I just got.

I just wanted a break from tweaking, always upgrading (even when I didn't need to) ect.

Well after 1.5 years my DVD player started freaking out, I then had to switch the DVD to my HTPC with PowerDVD XP and M-Audio Delta Dio card. The movie played smooth without a hic-up and look great on the HTPC.

I think this may be a first when an HTPC rescued the night from a hardware DVD player and scaler.


If anyone wonder why I have both its that the scaler actually looks very good and the whole family can use it for TV, VCR, and DVDs without having to mess with the HTPC.
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