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This is my first posting. Tried to get as much info as possible before posting, but I am still a bit confused (read: Please, Please Help....) :confused:

I am trying to set up a Home Theater, and am starting with a HTPC because;

1. I already have a spare 933 MHz PC

2. I can then fairly compare potential projectors (e.g. NEC: VT45, VT440, VT540 or LT150)

HT Uses:

Playing DVDs (on my HTPC)

Watching Tapes on a S-VHS recorder (via HTPC?)

Watching TV (using HTPC TV-Tuner, or VCR Tuner via HTPC Capture board?)

Current PC:

P3 at 933MHz (OCd); 512 MB RAM; 80 Gig HD.

ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro Multimedia/video card.

DVD Player.

Plan to buy: Projector (e.g. NEC VT440)


1. Playing DVDs:

1a. The main thing I need to consider here is how to connect the PC video out to the Projector. From what I have read, I should buy some special cable rather than to use the standard VGA (monitor) cable. Why? What cable? Where to connect it?

1b. Would my ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro Multimedia/video card be adequate or is there some reason to buy another card (for optimal video quality and/or connectivity)?

2. Watching S-VHS Tapes (Most important at the moment):

2a. Is it correct that, in contrast to the DVD signal which is progressive, the S-VHS signal is interlaced? Thus, I would benefit from capturing the signal and use Dscaler software to “deinterlace†the signal to progressive?

2b. If I understand correctly, I can not use my ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro to capture the signal because the chipset is not supported. I need to buy another (supported) capture card?

2c. For some reason, when I use the S-VHS input on the ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro and display the signal on my (SyncMaster 900NF) computer monitor, the video looks very poor (e.g. noisy) directly compared to my (Toshiba) TV-set. I assume that is due to the poor quality of the ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro, and it would be better with another capture card (which I need anyway)?

3. Watching TV:

3a. I assume that I could use the TV-tuner in my S-VHS recorder and deinterlace in the PC (see 2 above)?

3b. Any reason to use a TV-tuner card in the PC instead?

3c. I assume that I cannot use the ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro TV-tuner since it not supported by Dscaler?

Thank you so much in advance for helping me out!


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I Rolf,

You seems to have most of the answers already. I guess you just need some confirmation.

1a: It depends how long you need that cable to be. What you need is a good quality VGA monitor cable. You can buy that cable at bettercable or you can try the cheap way and build your own with a shielded cat5e. Make a search on that subject for more information.

1b:I don't know if your card is base on the radeon chip. If yes is will do. I think that you should probably sell your card and buy 1 basic radeon and 1 Capture card (PCTV,WINTV,Zoltrix). You won't be able to use your all in wonder in is full glory with your HTPC and Dscaler.

2a: Yes

2b: Yes you need to buy another card

2c: I can't really comment on the ATI all-in-wonder

3a:You're right. What you need is an s-video out of your S-VHS to go in your s-video in of your capture card. Your new card will probably have a TV-tuner also.

3b:Not that I know of

3c:Right again!

Anybody else care to comments?

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