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As far as a 3 year htpc user I have to say finally switching to an A1 comparing directly a X1800 zoomplayer+ffdshow withg .5 luma sharpen, lacoz 2 resize to 1080, I do perfer my A1 but its very very close, while I originally felt the htpc with vmr9 was to dark, I figured it had to do with calibration and adjusted it best as possible.

Still while an htpc, and a1 are both really close in picture quality, infact I found them identical in spots, I perfered the a1 slightly which gave a more natural world look to the picture.

Regardless when it came to sharpness, and color, both were very close with the edge to the A1. I think people unless they have alot of time to spend or have a reason for an htpc, they would benefit from being able to sit back enjoy and use a remote and get equally good if not slightly better picture on the a1.

Throw in the fact on dvd's that need deinterlacing a1 destroys a htpc easily there, which I have not even acknowledged.
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