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HTPC to Receiver, Subwoofer not playing all lows, just really lows

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I'm sorry in advance because I don't know the right words to describe this issue.

I've been having this setback for my home theatre system where the subwoofer only plays super low notes but not much else. I tried adjusting the gain on both the sub and the receiver but then the ambient bass increases without the other part of the bass. For example in a movie that takes place in a spaceship, you can feel some light bass. If I raise the gain, the bass becomes constant and louder than dialgoue. But when there's other scenes where there should be bass, like lightning or fighting, the bass is barely perceivable. I tried playing bass heavy music. Songs just for bass (beats 4 my van) definitely have some strong bass but I feel like it's missing some of the punches. I used to have aftermarket subs in my car and I'd blast this song, if I use that as reference the current home theatre bass sounds off. Songs like anaconda, g6, the bass is hardly there. It's not absent, just in the lower notes but the punches it just isn't there.

My current setup:
Yamaha Receiver: HTR 6090
Subwoofer: Energy 10"
HTPC: Some intel motherboard from 2010, I'm using the optical form here. I have an old AMD video card but boy is it annoying to get the sound to work on it. No matter what I do, for 5.1 it's always MPCM
Connection: One cable from "subwoofer" label on receiver to the subwoofer. Forgot the name of it.

Subwoofer settings:
Phase : 0. It has the option for -180 to 0 to 180. 0 sounded the loudest.
Crossover: maxed out. This shouldn't matter because..
Crossover bypass: on
Gain/knob on front: a bit past mid point. Sounds weird if I go past

Receiver settings:
Phase: normal
Bass out: LFE only. All other speakers are set to small.
Crossover: 80hz
LFE level: 0db for both speaker and headphone
Subwoofer level: There's no numbers but it's 1/4 of the way, which the auto setup had it at. It sounds wack if I go any louder

PC settings:
Realtek sound card drivers. When I'm watching a 5.1 movie I have it set to 5.1 dolby digital live (only 5.1 setting available). If I'm listening to music or browsing youtube I set it to 2ch so the receiver's PL2 decoding kicks in.

Any ideas as to what's going on? :(
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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