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Hi All:

___As a kid, I can remember watching cartoons (Road Runner was my favorite ;)) before a feature started at the local movie house and even today, I think I would enjoy this rather than sitting through another almost endless string of Trailers forced upon us as we sit waiting for the feature to start. Anyone renting a Disney DVD recently probably knows exactly what I am talking about. Anyway, I know a lot of HTPC’ers would like to view trailers before a movie starts and I came across a few that may just suffice as an offbeat yet very unique group for all HTPC’ers in the current environment we live in … You must have a Browser w/ Macromedia’s Flash Player 5.0 installed but wouldn’t this bring a chuckle to a group of guests in your own HT? It did just that in mine ;)

___Here is just one of many to choose from.

___Just another reason to keep MS Windows features available for more than just an OS to run your SW MP3/DVD player or DScaler uses IMO …


___Wayne R. Gerdes

___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.

___ [email protected]
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