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Hey all, I have recently set up my HTPC and I'm running Plex Home Theater to watch my media.

I'm on the hunt for a Universal Remote to control all of my devices in the same room. Or at least just the TV and HTPC.

Here's my setup:

46" Sceptre LCD HDTV (No HDMI CEC ) Has its own remote

MeeGoPad t01 - HTPC running windows 8 (Plex and Netflix on this) I have a mini keyboard to control this The keyboard directional buttons are very small and annoying to use in plex.

Comcast Cable Box (The roommates like this as they are used to it) Has it's own remote

DS214play - Dedicated NAS with 3TB capacity (2x 3TBrunning raid 1) No remote control needed

Here's what I want from a remote:

-IR learning - be able to control my TV (Power on/off, Volume Up/Down, Input Select - I want these features) (Channel up/down - Want but don't need this)

-Keyboard on back - I want the ability to search from the couch from one remote. (Backlight highly preferred)

-Directional and Select buttons on front of remote to function in Plex ht

-Mouse pad or airmouse function - I want to be able to use the mouse from the remote

-Bluetooth or RF - The HTPC has bluetooth built in, but I am open to a usb receiver if that's absolutely needed. I have considered adding a IR receiver but IR is slow, laggy, and needs line of sight.

-ALT and TAB keys - I need this to be able to switch applications (Plex, netflix, internet browser)
Simple Layout and programmable keys preferred.

I have looked at many options out there, but none fit all the needs I have. Here's what I've looked at so far:

Mele F10 - pro, deluxe, and basic

Aerb Multifunction MX3

iPazzport KP-810-19R

Rii i13

Tivo Slide with dongle

I've also considered Flirc, and just using my TV remote, but I really want a keyboard/mouse function with a Universal remote.

Has anyone had any experience reprogramming different brand TV remotes? Like I would love to use this Vizio remote, with a Flirc in my HTPC, but I would need it to be able to control my TV. Can these things be reprogrammed with Sceptre's codes? (1167,1132, 0149)

These are just a few of many I have looked at. To recap, here are the things I NEED:

- Control both TV and HTPC

- Alt Tab

- Directional and select buttons need to work on Plex

- Easy to function. Has to pass the wife acceptance test

Please comment below with suggestions!!

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I don't think you're going to find what you want.. You'd be much better served with just a plain logitech k830 bluetooth keyboard w/ touchpad, and the cable tv remote separate. I have a k830, and it's the best thing since sliced bread for plex / htpc control

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... or a smartphone app for the keyboard/mouse/Plex part. An old iPod Touch also works fine if you don't have a phone.

I tend to use a real keyboard like the k400 or 830 (backlit), and my kids use apps.

For everything but keyboard/mouse functions, I use a normal universal (JP1 is my preference).

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My HTPC is stored in a relay rack within my media closet that's about 50ft away from my living room. I use a Logitech K400 keyboard/mouse combo for my setup. I ran a USB extension that MonoPrice sells (the one they suggest using for PS3 Motion Eye) and it works beautifully. The K400 USB receiver plugs into the USB cable, which sits behind my TV. I have zero issues with lag/delay.

I've also been looking into USB/IR solutions so that I can turn on/off the HTPC with my URC MX-980.

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Unified Remote

So I have given up trying to find a physical remote.

I have resorted to using an Android app: Unified remote full and a IR tablet - Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (with the Gravity Screen app so it will wake and unlock when I pick it up. No buttons to press, fantastic.)

I have programmed this to work with my IR devices, so now I can control my TV and my cable box over IR

It also communicates with my HTPC over wifi/bluetooth, so I can:
Wake on LAN
Use my screen to simulate a mousepad
Use my onscreen keyboard on the tablet to type on the PC
I can control plex, and netflix all from my tablet.
Program custom buttons such as Alt Tab
So far it has been working out fantastic. IT EVEN PASSES THE WIFE ACCEPTANCE TEST!!!

I hope to learn how to program macro commands, such as: Watch Plex - Turn on TV, Select input2, Send Wake on LAN


Watch TV - Turn on TV, Select input1, Turn on Cable Box

If anyone has any experience with creating macros on Unified remote your advice would be helpful!
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